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  The word "big victory" appeared on the screen. Although it was two attacks, it seems that it only took more than a second to add up. It is definitely the fastest time for all competitions today, even in this competition.Li Yuntian was about to pursue her 56-point attack, but suddenly she saw that Brother Yang, who had been beaten by herself and was losing ground, suddenly became excited, as if the evil spirits in the color saw a naked girl, and the eyes full of excitement made Li Yuntian get goose bumps."Well, not bad!" A few turns around the light smoke of Dong, and Xiao Fusheng recited and praised.Dance the sky shook his head, "Shrek enrollment, every three years, they are more than thirteen years old, if you don't go. The next session will be missed. "

  Chineydy, Xu Xiaoyan's name.3d型动漫视频在线观看"How can someone else come here?" Summer coagulation petticoats show eyebrows tiny cu, some don't quite understand.In an instant, the series of firm but gentle nets began to hang down, and all of them fell on Ye Chong's body. Every time they fell, there would be many swords ringing together, as if to completely annihilate his body and thoroughly refine it into minced meat.


"If so, what are you going to do?" Shi Xiaoxian's reaction is quick. She is very familiar with Ye Chong's means and knows that she mostly has any plans.Not only Yang Kai couldn't stand this address, but even Lengshan, who was sitting on the other side, got a shiver involuntarily and got a rash on her arm. In my heart, I sincerely admire the shameless and shameless nature of Zimo!

He also began to understand this skill. It seems that it is not a separate lighter, but a terrorist ability that can be integrated into any of his soul skills! In addition to the terrible consumption, other aspects are simply perfect.All the purple light converged at this moment, and the horns on the head and the swollen body all returned to normal.Tang Wulin, wearing a fighting armor, gives people an irresistible feeling, which is too strong.

Chapter seventy-nine Light dragon Bi and Jin Lin"You die? Get out of the way, it delayed my registration time, can you afford it? " Sima xian's eyebrows were raised, and his anger flared up. At the same time, there was a faint release of power on his body.

A white light quietly appeared in mid-air, and Xu Mier's body solidified directly, unable to move that fraction, and naturally unable to course custom-made soul-guided artillery shells.Several holy emperor strong men looked up at the same time, and they all felt that the holy emperor strong men of the corpse family left. Ye Chong's arrival is one of the reasons why they went through the customs, and the gathering of the strong corpses is the real reason why they all appear at this moment.